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Gift Vouchers

Family history gift vouchers make a wonderful present.

A unique and personal gift for Christmas, Birthdays or Anniversaries.

Gift vouchers from Search Your Past can be used to purchase a standard family history report, a bespoke family history package, creating a family tree, a half day research session alongside a genealogist, or upgrading a standard package to a book format.

Gift vouchers come with a wrapped presentation pack. This presentation box includes the voucher, a letter of explanation, a family tree chart and pencil to fill in the details your chosen recipient already knows and a relationship chart. This chart can help you identify such things as 'who is my first cousin once removed'!

Family history research can sometimes take a while to complete. If you are nearing the deadline for your special event then a gift voucher is the perfect way to still give your recipient their own personal Who Do You Think You Are? journey!

Contact us today to ensure the perfect personalised gift.


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