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"Wow! What a fantastic start you’ve made on the book. Thank you. It makes for a fascinating and quite an emotional read ... It will be the most lovely surprise for my Mum. You are really bringing her family history to life"

Featured in the experts Q&A section of the BBC's WDYTYA? Magazine


About Search Your Past

With over 20 years personal and professional family history research experience I aim to help overcome your genealogical 'brickwalls' or provide a full family tree research service.

Search Your Past was established 10 years ago by Elizabeth Peters, an AGRA certified genealogist who has featured in the ‘You The Expert’ section in the National Archives Magazine, Ancestors, and BBC's Who Do You Think You Are? Magazine Expert's Q&A Section.

You can be sure you are hiring a fully accredited, well-trained and experienced family history researcher. I am a member of AGRA (Association of Genealogists & Researchers) which is the ONLY organisation in England that requires strict minimum standards of all its members. Every member undergoes a formal assessment and abides by a strict Code of Practice.

A complete family history research service is available from one-off searches to detailed, beautiful books.

Choose one of the personlised family history packages, hourly research for problem-solving or one-off searches, or gift vouchers. Click on the links below for more details.

A free initial consultation and estimate can be provided if you require a specific search such as finding a lost ancestor, locating a service record, or identifying a birth certificate.


Hi Elizabeth

Big big thank you for all the work you’ve done putting together our family tree. It’s something we will treasure. Each time I read the reports I find something else to be fascinated by.

Thanks once more Elizabeth and kind regards


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Gift voucher presentation gift box packs available with every purchase.

For hourly research for specific search requests, please email or use the contact button below.



Investigate 3-4 generations back on one line. Choose to add extra lines or go further back. Presented in a folder with a tree and copies of all documents found. As a guideline these packages start from £150.



Investigate the choice of surname line(s) as far back as parish records allow.

This in-depth research is presented in a narrative style in a beautifully bespoke package tailored to your family. Our bespoke family history book packages make a unique and meaningful gift. The finished book has a matt cover finish or, for an extra price, can be bound in buckram cloth with gold foil personalisation. They are illustrated with relevant images and information about the lives of your ancestors.

Family photos can be included to personalise your book

This comes with a large scale printed pedigree (family tree) chart.

The price of these packages are customisable to your budget but as a guideline start from around £1000. (Payable in instalments).

Getting Started

To begin the research I need to know what you know already! Any names, dates and places that you can provide regarding yourself, parents and grandparents will be useful. It does not matter how little you have. I have started research from someone's own birth certificate before. Others know beyond their grandparents. Please just ask if you have any questions.